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Our world is not flat — neither is the anatomy of your patients

Discover a new solution for sloped ridge situations

Astra Tech Implant System introduces OsseoSpeed Profile EV, a unique dental implant for sloped ridge situations. 

Instead of augmenting sloped ridges to accommodate flat-top implants, it’s time to discover a simpler solution by using an implant that follows the bone.

Discover a new solution for sloped ridge situations

The benefits

With the innovation of OsseoSpeed Profile EV, you can move to the next level of patient-focused, implant therapy and achieve greater efficiency without compromise.

Maximize existing hard and soft tissue

Provides 360° bone preservation while maintaining soft tissue esthetics.

Reduce the need for augmentation

Saves time and costs by reducing the need to augment and manipulate the implant site.

Increase case acceptance

Helps to address patient concerns regarding pain and treatment time

Proven esthetics

“We have seen a great deal of improvement on the peri-implant soft tissue in our research follow-up. This allows us to achieve a good esthetic outcome for patients with thin biotypes.” PD Dr. Robert Nölken, Germany

More about the soft tissue estethics

It’s time to challenge conventional thinking

Because sloped ridge situations call for anatomically designed sloped implants.

Conventional approach

Conventionally the neck of the flat-top implant is exposed buccally, when placed at the lingual bone level. Unsupported lingual marginal bone is lost when a flat-top implant is placed level with the buccal bone.

Innovative approach

OsseoSpeed Profile EV is level with both the buccal and lingual marginal bone, preserving soft tissue esthetics.

Learn more

Do you want to find out more about the concept and the scientific support? Download your personal copy of the OsseoSpeed Profile EV concept brochure here:

Download brochure

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